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About Our Carolina Shores Location

The original! Carolina Shores Car Wash is a family owned and operated car wash located off of highway 17, by the Waterford Shopping center in Leland, NC. We offer an amazing car wash in under 3-minutes, free vacuums are included with any wash, and our monthly unlimited wash plans are an incredible value. Keeping your car clean has never been easier or more convenient. Come check us out today, your car will thank you!

The Big Kahuna Package

The Big Kahuna

  • Bath - Low pH foam detergent that covers your vehicle for a deep clean of your paint
  • Shine - Ceramic Quartz, The Ultimate in full body protection, Quartz has self-leveling properties that fill in small imperfections over repeated use. It leaves a deep mirror like finish on paint, glass and chrome.
  • Seal – Extreme Gloss, A polish that coats your vehicle with a truly lasting shiny finish while also being a UV protectant
  • Dry – Drying agent with Ceramic Properties that aid in the rapid removal of water without streaking.
Shores Wax and Shine

Marlin's Shine

  • Hot Wax- This unique wax is made of Pure Carnauba to give your vehicle a phenomenal showroom shine
  • Bug Prep – High PH chemical used at the entrance to Bust the grime, and those tough bugs.
  • Undercarriage – High pressure rinse of the fender wells and running boards, followed by a Low pressure rinse while going through the tunnel.
  • Spot Free Rinse – Our Reverse Osmosis system removes all contaminants from the water and is applied during the final rinse of the wash to leave a spot free finish.
The Hightide

Shores Hightide

  • Rain Repellent - Applied to your windows so you have visibility on those rainy days
  • Tire Shine - Gloss/Shine applied to all your tires to look clean and shiny
  • Triple Foam - Conditioning for your cars paint that adds a layer of protection to your vehicle
Shores Low Tide

Shores Low Tide

  • A great wash for only $7
  • Get your car clean and dry and use our incredible vacuums for one low price
Carolina Shores Car Wash

Only Available with the Carolina's Special Wash, this unique feature helps to further dry the front, and top of vehicles

Carolina Shores Car Wash

This application protects your vehicles undercarriage from rusting.

Carolina Shores Car Wash

Blast away the grime of brake dust and build up.

Carolina Shores Car Wash

With this product your vehicle will have a spot free finish.

Carolina Shores Car Wash

Busts the grime by removing all of those dead bugs from the front of your vehicle.

Carolina Shores Car Wash

Applied to your windows so that you have visibility on those rainy days.

Carolina Shores Car Wash

A gloss that is applied to ally your tires to look clean and shiny.

Carolina Shores Car Wash

Conditioning for your paint that adds a layer of protection to your vehicle.

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